Artist in Residence

In addition to providing youth dance classes to our community, we aim to provide critical services to Chicago dance professionals with an innovative artist-in-residence program.  Tailored to suit the myriad of needs of working professionals, the program offers residencies of varied lengths and levels of commitment.

To foster a symbiotic relationship between our youth program and professional dance artists in Chicago, our long-term residencies offer teaching opportunities.  

Space is limited and will be scheduled on a first-come first serve basis.

We understand that the limitations of many residencies and grants impose can be stifling to the creative process.  Therefore, we wish to provide you with unfettered access to experiment and growth.  A project description is not needed, and we do not expect a finished product at the end of our residency.  We will, however, hold an informal showing at the end of the residency period to celebrate your time with us.  



Residency runs from September 2017- June 2018

We are interest in working with artists of quality and of promise at all career stages, levels of experience, and disciplines falling under the umbrella of “dance"

VOLTA Performing Arts presents...

The 2017-2018 Artists-in-Residence


"I find the vulnerability of awkwardness beautiful. A person’s humanity can reveal itself in situations where they’re barely coping, so my performers and I spend a lot of time managing, defying, preparing for, and avoiding moments of decisive action or just being present. No matter how lofty or theoretical my ideas might be, the need to snack, yawn and pee hold me accountable to a time and place, and to my body. I like to imagine that these physical requirements prevent human beings from being totally absorbed by the inhuman economy of production. In the face of progress, productivity, profit, and speed I want to remember the fragility of the body." -- Ginger Krebs

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