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Smarter and Healthier

Children with VOLTA'S Science-Based Dance

What is VOLTA Performance Arts?

We engage your child in critical thinking, allowing them to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness.


Science integration is at the core of our curriculum.

Your child will have fun learning about their body in motion.

By creating space is that is safe, caring, respectful and inclusive we see children of all backgrounds open up and experience their full potential as dancers.

​We push back at traditional dance training techniques as it conforms to only one body type which results in a great risk of injury.

Creative Dance 1 VOLTA Performing Arts

As it was traditionally taught - not all bodies had the ability to physically handle the demanding rigor of the art form.  This led to putting a lot of dancers in jeopardy of having dance-related injuries. Sports medicine helped dancers, but emphasized dealing with injuries “after the fact”.  

“The best injury prevention rests in the hands of the teachers who must understand everyone has a unique body.”

There is a need to adapt training procedures to suit the body of each dance student.

Because of this, I decided to integrate anatomy and physics into my dance teaching in order to ensure safe practices.


I didn’t want a student to give up on their passion because they didn’t feel as if they had the “right body” - she wanted to show them that everyBODY has a “dancer’s body,” they just need to learn their own internal blueprint and structure. 


By doing so, they could achieve the same results without putting their body through any unnecessary stress and prevent common dance injuries.

One of the ways VOLTA achieves science integration is by having adopted the Revolutionary Principles of Movement (RPM) philosophy.  Using the integration of anatomy, kinesiology, and physics, RPM aims to create efficiency in dancers to work in a way that prevents injuries instead of treating them after the fact.  Instead of teaching the “what” we teach the “how” We are not here to teach your child dance, we are here to teach your child how to dance.

Hi, You can Call Me Miss Dee

I believe dance doesn’t belong to an elite class of body types.


What we have at VOLTA is a completed focus on the growth and success of your child as they in a mature adult. Connecting their body and mind that is proven to not only increase agility but also improved cognitive development.

My Premiere dance studio in Logan Square designed for those seeking proper dance technique education, creative self-expression, exercise, and social opportunities through dance. 

I am a Chicago native. My name full name is Deborah Byczkowski but you may call me Miss Dee.


I have been teaching in the Chicagoland area for the past 13 years.

My full bio if you want to read it however I encourage you to keep reading the page as I explain more about what I can do for your child.


Deborah “Miss Dee” Byczkowski is a Chicago native Dance Teaching Artist who got her start studying the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. She graduated with a BFA in Dance Pedagogy from Columbia College Chicago where she had the opportunity to assistant teach under Sarah Schafer and Margi Cole. She has worked as a Dance Teaching Artist for The Chicago Ballet Center, Momentum Performing Arts, Chicago Public Schools City Dance Program, Center for Community and Arts Partnership, River North Dance Chicago and Forward Momentum Chicago, exploring the language of dance through scientific exploration. She is certified to teach the American Academy of Ballet syllabus and is also currently undergoing training to become certified as an RPM Master Teacher. She has performed in works by Jennifer Archibald, Michel Rodriguez, Taisha Pagget, Trae Turner, Laboratory Dancers, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, ISH (Chicago residency), and has been a company member with Reveries in Motion Inc. for their last two seasons. Last year she performed as a dancer and co-director for The Dancer’s Cooperative. This is Deborah’s first studio and she is excited to be bringing the Art and Science of Dance to her neighborhood of Logan Square.

Why Do You Need VOLTA's Science Based Dance

Not all dance studios are the same.

Most studios do a one “size” fits all approach to teaching and education forcing many children to do techniques that put them at risk of injury.

VOLTA’s Science-Based Dance for kids shows each kid how to move their body in unique ways the benefit them. This helps them reach their fullest potential in a safe way.

VOLTA’s Science-Based Dance for kids increases:


  1. Mental Focus

  2. Agility

  3. Mental health

  4. Socialization with adults and children

  5. Body awareness

  6. Communication skills

  7. Feeling of freedom

  8. Confidence

  9. And most of all having FUN!

Creative Dance 2 VOLTA Performing Arts
Most Parents see Immediate Benefits
after Only 45 Minutes!
Most Parents see Immediate Benefits
after Only 45 Minutes!

Your child will immediately experience the benefits of a community of accepting adults and children. This alone has so many benefits that I couldn’t list them here.

This is great for shy children and for extrovert as they learn to work with others to create together.

When a child is enrolling in VOLTA’s Science-based dance season the benefits of being in class will translate to everything they do. It’s not uncommon to see children see improvements in focus and increased confidence at school.

This only possible is because dancing requires the focus of the entire mind and over 600 muscles in the body! 

This is why dancing has been shown to be more powerful than any other activity when improving body and mind performance.




Sylvia Marie Guadalupe

This is my 2nd family/home. Ms. Dee is an amazing dancer and teacher. my daughter adores her and loves coming to class.


Amanda Bernett

Miss Dee is one of the BEST dance instructors I have ever come across! Miss Dee is not only a phenomenal dancer who is highly trained, extremely versatile, and has had a lot of experience, but she is someone who has truly conquered the art of teaching.


Abby Kindelsperger

My daughter loves Creative Dance at Volta. Miss Dee makes things fun, teaches scientific principles of movement along the way, and gently keeps control of the class.

Let Me Sweeten It Even More
With an Industry-First Guarantee

I believe so much in the power of my scientific approach to dancing that I am going to give you a promise and guarantee that it is simply unheard of in the dance studios.

When you enroll your child in the VOLTA’s Science-based season and annual recital and if your child doesn’t see improvements in their body mechanics and focus then you will receive 50% off the tuition fee.

Now, this unheard-of incredible guarantee can only be made because I believe that VOLTA’s Science-based dance is the best in the country.


With that said if you want to claim this guarantee, there are just two simple things that must be followed.

Your child must attend every class in the season and be on time.

Your Child's FREE Dance Class
is Only a Few Clicks Away

Click the link below and you will taken to a secure page where you can register for the free class!

It will only take 30 seconds and soon we will reach out to you with a time and day that works with your schedule.

Soon your child will start to enjoy the benefits of VOLTA's Science-Based Dance!

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