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Get Your Kids Moving with Summer Dance Camp

VOLTA Summer Dance Camp is a great way to make new friends, stay active, and learn new skills, build self confidence, and create unforgettable memories in a fun and welcoming environment ✨

So come join us for dancing, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime 💚

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Benefits of Enrolling Your Kids in Summer Dance Camp


Improved Physical Health

Dance improves flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance.


Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

Your child will develop a sense of personal accomplishment and pride as their skills improve.

Enhanced Social Skills and Relationships

Dance camp provides your child with opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and make new friends.


Creative Expression and Inspiration

Dance encourages creative expression and fosters a love of the arts.  Your child will discover new styles and techniques, and have the freedom to experiment with their own choreography.


Connect with Your Child's Passion

Dance is More than Just a Hobby
Instructors with A Passion for Teaching

Enrolling your child in dance camp can do wonders for their physical health, social skills, and confidence.  At our summer camp, your kids will learn discipline, focus, and creativity, while having tons of fun.

Our instructors are experienced professionals with a passion for teaching children.  They create a fun and supportive environment where every child has the opportunity to learn and improve their dance skills.

Join a Vibrant and Supportive Community of Dancers

Our summer dance camp is the perfect place to meet fellow dancers, make new friends, and build lasting relationships.  Your child will be inspired by the talent and dedication of other dancers and learn from experienced mentors.

Dance Your Heart Out

Let your kids unleash their creativity, passion, and express themselves in a supportive environment.

Making Friends at Summer Dance Camp

Building Friendships that Last a Lifetime
A Supportive Dance Community

A summer at dance camp is an opportune time for your children to make new friends and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever.  Dance camp is the perfect place for kids to make new friends and build bonds with other like-minded young dancers.

Our summer camp is not just about dance classes, it's about connecting with other young dancers, learning together, and taking part in a supportive community that shares your passion.

Forming Bonds through Trust and Teamwork

Our dance camp program involves learning and practicing various dance routines that require teamwork, trust, and support. Your child will learn how to work together and develop a sense of camaraderie with others.


Learning Opportunities at Summer Dance Camp

Skill Building Workshops
Discover New Styles

Our instructors offer workshops that improve technique, flexibility, and musicality - all essential skills for a dancer.

Explore Movement and Creativity

Our instructors encourage your kids to experiment with different movement styles, improvisation and choreography. They will gain a deeper sense of creativity and self-expression.

At our summer camp, your child will learn new styles, techniques and approaches to dance from our team of experts.


Fun Activities at Summer Dance Camp

Group Dance Sessions
Dance Costume Design

Our professional instructors lead group dance sessions that encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

Give your children the chance to design and create their own costumes for the final performance - a great way to enhance their creativity!

Dance Games and Challenges

We incorporate games and challenges into dance camp to keep your kids engaged and motivated.

Showcase Your Talents

Our dance camp culminates in an exciting final performance, where your children can showcase their talents and skills in front of a cheering audience.

Enroll Your Kids Today!


For ANYONE ages 4 and up!


👀You do not need to be a VOLTA student to attend

Summer Schedule

$475/week (non-members)
**Membership Enrollment is Closed for the Summer**

​➡️ Please note - after registration is complete, there are NO refunds

WEEK 1 - July 8 - 13
WEEK 2 - July 15 - 19
WEEK 3 - July 22 - 26
WEEK 4 - July 20 - Aug 2
WEEK 5 - Aug 5 - 9

WEEK 6 - Aug 12 - 16

WEEK 7 - Aug 19 - 23

Camp Details
Indoor & Outdoor Fun

We will be dancing but we will also be playing games, crafting, painting, practicing yoga and much more both inside and outside!

Weather permitting, we will be enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Please make sure they have good outdoor playing shoes, sunblock and perhaps even a hat! 

Drop-off: 9am
Pick-up: 3pm


➡️ Parent’s provide child’s lunch & daily snacks

Fun for Every-BODY

Campers will move, play and explore the day away with mini dance, yoga and music classes, arts and crafts, and so much more!  

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