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VOLTA's Performing Company


VOLTA's Performance Company offers an exhilarating opportunity for our students to fully immerse themselves in the world of professional dance!


This extraordinary chance empowers your aspiring dancer to flaunt their exceptional skills at various events, both within our studio and across the city


It's the moment to let their inner star shine brightly! ✨💃🌟

Performance Company serves as a gateway for our students to step into the shoes of a professional dancer, providing them with abundant performance opportunities throughout the year at diverse citywide events and within our very own studio

This is a golden opportunity for your budding dancer to train like a true professional and display the talents they've been diligently cultivating in their classes, all while radiating with unmatched brilliance



Age Requirements, Prerequisites, & Commitment


Open to students aged 5 and up


Must be enrolled in a weekly Season Seven VOLTA technique class



Sundays from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Participation Expectations

In Performance Company, unity and dedication are key. Every dancer is expected to attend weekly rehearsals without fail, as we operate as a cohesive team. Consistent attendance demonstrates respect for your fellow dancers and our choreographer

Throughout the season, each dancer is allowed up to 2 unexcused absences for rehearsals and 3 for their weekly technique classes. Any additional absences may result in exclusion from performances. We aim for our dancers to fully immerse themselves, offering them an authentic firsthand experience of the professional dance world

While we hope for everyone's participation in every performance, we understand that schedules and costs may impact your child's involvement. For each performance opportunity, we will provide details regarding the date, time, location, and cost. We kindly request that you inform us before the next rehearsal whether your child will participate in each performance. Please note that regardless of participation in performances, mandatory rehearsals continue. This ensures your child gains the complete professional dancer experience and continues to build skills alongside their teammates.




+ Individual Costume Rental/Cleaning Fees

(per performance) 



+ Individual Costume Rental/Cleaning Fees

(per performance) 



+ Individual Costume Rental/Cleaning Fees (per performance)  

Nutcracker Suite Participation

Nutcracker Early Bird Sale (29).png

Nutcracker Suite Performance

Irving Hall (6005 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634)

December 16th 

9am Call Time

Event Time: 10am - 1pm


Calling all young members of our dance studio's Performance Company! An exhilarating journey awaits you as you step into the enchanting world of "The Nutcracker" from a backstage perspective. This immersive experience offers a hands-on understanding of the intricate art of crafting a mesmerizing dance concert. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our young talents to explore the realm of dance production and unleash their boundless creativity.


But there's an exciting twist! If they wish, your child can also step into the spotlight and perform alongside their peers. Please keep in mind that participating in both roles comes with a separate fee and a dedicated time commitment. This is a unique chance for your child to dance in "The Nutcracker" Performance while simultaneously collaborating behind the scenes with the Performance Company. Act now and contact Miss Dee immediately to secure your child's spot in both capacities!

Arts in the Dark Parade Participation


Arts in the Dark Parade on State Street

State Street (from Lake to Van Buren)
October 21
4pm Call Time
Event Time 6pm-8pm
**we are usually in the first 10 groups in the line-up and will be done by 7pm**

VOLTA's parade theme this year is Outer Space!  

Participation Cost:
We're committed to making this year's Arts in the Dark Parade a resounding success. Currently, we are actively pursuing a grant to help offset the costs of the float, speakers, and costumes. As we await the grant decision, please note that we won't have the exact participation costs available until we receive confirmation of the grant amount. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated every step of the way to ensure your child's spot in the parade

Recital Participation


VOLTA's Annual Recital

Irving Hall (6005 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634)

May 11th

9am Call Time

Event Time: 10am - 1pm

Members of our esteemed Performance Company enjoy a prestigious spotlight during VOLTA's highly anticipated annual recital. With great honor, they take center stage, showcasing their incredible talent as they mesmerize the audience in both the spectacular opening number and the grand, show-stopping finale. It's a moment of pure artistry and achievement that leaves a lasting impression on all who witness their exceptional performances

Other Performance Opportunities


At VOLTA, we are committed to providing our talented young dancers with every opportunity to shine in the spotlight. While we don't have any other scheduled performances at the moment, our dedicated team is continuously on the lookout for exciting opportunities throughout the year. We believe in nurturing our dancers' passion and showcasing their exceptional skills, and we are eager to bring them more chances to dazzle audiences and celebrate their artistry. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming performance opportunities as we strive to inspire, engage, and elevate our young performers!

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